The World We Chose to See

by seasonal

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released May 28, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Ian Schiela at Millersville University. Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering.
Album art by Josh Sperow.

Special thanks to our friend, roommate, and producer Ian Schiela for putting up with us in the studio and for the time and energy put into making this EP rule. You're the man.



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seasonal Lancaster, Pennsylvania

like the allergies

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Track Name: At Sunset
And if I leave anything behind me…

A legacy of bang and boom,
and a lack thereof,
In absence of symbolic resonance

These dreams elude me and my ambitions.

Wait for me, my love
Blind to you, and your trident for a tongue
Lights burn out, and leave us in the dark
Ice grows thin, I’ll watch it drift it apart

Lines in the sand, long since washed away
mark your love and the threshold of your skin
Lines by your eyes that watched your boys grow up,
It will never be fair to you
Track Name: A Room to Ourselves
There’s a warm comfort when your fingers turn blue
and you’re walking with someone you once knew
There’s a trembling sensation as my hand abandons me
I pull you into my lungs, a distant memory of fire

But you are smoke, and I lose you in a frozen exhale.

And I will always make the same mistakes for you,
Defined by all the things that we will do

And I keep your blood in my chest
Made new by what she told me
and like all those who came before,
I can’t keep repeating myself

My hair turns white with the turning back of time

Slow down, and take the time to watch things grow
Everything that now seems new was once irreparably old.
Hello there, how are you?
It’s been years since you’ve been here

Do you remember falling towards the ground?
Your lips rushed towards the grass
You turned your back on every cloud

Every lesson I’ve learned has been borne up from the dirt.
Track Name: Richmaiden
There were times I guess I was alright,
and you could’ve had anyone you wanted

The Moonlight reflects on your cheek,
Leaves fall down around your bare feet

The sun browns your face from every angle
It keeps me from you, it keeps me up all night
I write it all down, so I’ll remember you
My head is empty, I feel nothing at all.

All my songs will die alone with me
Ground is dry and
water does not reach these barren limbs

I kept you at an arm's reach
Your hands would reach out for my face in the dark
But I was always long gone
My eyes are red when I get no sleep

I think you used to know what I was talking about when I said how I felt like a faded tattoo. I used to mean so much, but now you cover me up. When you were younger, I was everything to you. I want so badly for it to still be cool, ride my bike to your house, sink to the bottom of your pool. I think you used to know what I was talking about when I said how I felt like a faded tattoo.
Track Name: State Lines
Farmland and freshly mown grass carries you through my window,
I can hardly see the road,
And I still taste you from time to time in the water,
You’re every color in this sleeping town,

You’re every color in my sleepless body

And I can’t forget the curve in your lips when you said you’d be leaving
Cause there’s a big flat world out there and I only
Stick to the same few roads when I’m driving around at night

And nostalgia grows like vines throughout my veins

I am so defeated,
But you won’t catch me down and out.
Your hair was pulled back (cut short)
When state lines defined what is infidelity
Track Name: Neil, My Boy!
And I am in your head,
never in your heart
So I can’t explain it,
I just want to change it

There I go in my head again, I always find myself in this situation

Doors open on the night
Time stands still

And I trace your vision
Across a crowded room
AndI am not quite sure I like what I’m seeing
But you are my only ride home

So I’ll move to another state
And I’ll cut my hair
I’ll change my name, but still hate myself
Oh, well

I am the only one who still believes in you,
and I can’t remember why.

Doors open on the night
Time stands still

And I still walk around at night
To see if your windows still give off the same glow
If I could warn you…
I would only tell you that someday all of this will matter so much more
Track Name: Pallas Athena
I am love to you.
Sun and stars, for me.
Jade green on oakheart.
I am love, a start.

My mind floats, but I’m a made up mouth
Tongues entwined, thoughts of moving south
You stand still, frozen in your fear
There’s nothing here but exasperations

Have I surmised with stunning aptitude,
You tell lies to try and dilute
Your telling lack of self esteem
Careful now, I see you in my dreams

What daydreams sleep behind those hazy eyes?

I bite down.
Iron fills my mouth.
My teeth fall out.
Your hand feels tiny in my own.

I can sense the moisture underfoot
The padded prints that seem to shout “we’re here”
This canopy lets in the sun,
Evaporates your doubts
and burns away your fear

Stand close to me as we ascend,
This frozen sunburn spells an end
If you survive, will you take my name?
Wear it as your own until we meet again

I wanted so much more than this.